Way to go, Sawyer!!

I haven't been faithful about blogging lately, but I wanted to be sure to give Sawyer the shout-out he deserves, even if it's a month late!

Each year, our children's school participates in an anti-drug poster contest in Baltimore County.  Each student creates a poster in art class, and then the posters are entered into a contest sponsored by the Baltimore County State's Attorney's office.

Now, I have to be honest and say that, I had NO IDEA that Sawyer had even participated in this contest.  I mean, I "knew" in the back of my head that the older kids had done the same but, honestly, I hadn't given it even a millisecond of thought.  (That's what happens with the fourth child!  Sorry, Sawyer!)

I will say though, that when that envelope arrived for my 12-year old from the State's Attorney's office, my heart skipped a beat*.  What in the world did the State's Attorney want with my child?  I tore it open and saw that Sawyer had been selected as a first-place winner in the anti-drug poster contest!  Out of more than 3000 applicants and 13 overall winners, Sawyer's poster was chosen for first place!  We are so proud of him!

On a rainy afternoon in late April, we headed to Towson, and Sawyer participated in the awards ceremony at the courthouse.  There were lots of speeches, pictures, etc., but for Sawyer the very best part was the $800 of cold, hard cash that he won!  We were expecting a savings bond, but due to a glitch, they were unable to give bonds this year and so the winners received cash instead.  You should have seen his eyes when he realized he was "rich"!!  It was priceless!

Sawyer, we are so proud of you!  We pray that you will always use your artistic talent (and your wonderful sense of humor) in ways that glorify God!!

But, no!  You aren't buying an iPad!  ;-)

Sawyer's winning poster--based on a video game, naturally!
Each of the winning posters is part of a 2013 calendar!
If you'd like one, we have about 25!  :-)

Sawyer waiting not so patiently for the festivities to begin.
How do you like that tie he borrowed from Jeff??

Sawyer receiving his award from State's Attorney, Scott Shellenberger

*The week before the letter arrived, I had shared some "choice thoughts" with a particularly rude and offensive father of a player on an opposing sixth grade basketball team.  For a brief second, I thought that man was suing me!   I will be quiet during every game next year.  I promise.  I think.

**And just to clarify:  in spite of appearances, that is NOT bed head.  That is a purposeful hairstyle that Sawyer believes is totally cool.  I'm choosing to pick my battles.  I have, however, made it unmistakably clear that the hair will have to be "uncool" for the wedding.  


Anonymous said...

Yeah Sawyer. You are so talented. Also I love the tie, not so much the hair, but I really do love you and your wonderful imagination. Why no IPad, though? Keep up your great work.
Love, Grammy

Neecykay said...

How exciting! Congrats to Sawyer!